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      2. Distributed Control Systems

        Modernize Your Control System

        A traditional distributed control system (DCS) is built for only one purpose, which is process control. In the competitive economy today, you must consider forward-thinking possibilities and use technology and innovation to your advantage. It is time to rethink what to expect from a DCS. To drive productivity, increase efficiencies, and reduce costs, you must integrate all of your automation operations to achieve The Connected Enterprise. You can accomplish this integration with the technology that a modern DCS, the PlantPAx® system offers.

        Modern Distributed Control System

        Modern Distributed Control System

        The PlantPAx system is a modern DCS and is a key component of The Connected Enterprise. This system offers:

        • Plant-wide control and optimization
        • Scalable and modular architectures
        • Open, information-enabled, and secure architectures
        • Flexibility in delivery and support of the system

        Distributed Control System Migration

        Distributed Control System Migration

        Many process plants have an outdated DCS currently in place. As a DCS reaches the end of its useful life, migration to a new automation system is required. When Total Cost of Ownership becomes excessive, then migration to a new automation system should be considered.


        We offer exceptional knowledge and service to help you design, implement, and support your automation investment.